Bear Hunting in Ontario

Cannot Bear The Curiosity About Black Bears

The black bear is treasured by Ontario's people and its ecosystem. This explains why its populations continue to be closely monitored through various methods of selective harvesting and adaptive management. At present, the animals number around 100,000. It's considered among the biggest bear populations in the North American region.

Bear populations need to be sustained. The Ministry of Natural Resources is aware of this and has crafted guidelines to achieve this end. It is critical that bears and humans exist in harmony. Stewardship and public information efforts throughout the province have managed to make people mindful of the value such creatures have toward the natural order of things while also developing respect for the animals.

Implications for Black Bear Hunters

Black bear hunting season happens between August and November. After this period, the bears retreat to their dens for the winter. Any experienced black bear hunter knows that there's more to sending out trophy bruins than meets the eye. It is a battle of brawn as well as wits.

A black bear possesses an acute sense of hearing and smell, making them the perfect prey for cautious hunters in search of a great challenge and an awesome trophy. The male black bear weighs between 114kg and 272kg (250lbs to 600lbs). A female black bear can tip the scale anywhere from 45.4kg to 182kg (100lbs to 400lbs). Their weight makes them tough animal adversaries. Still, hunters could be in for a long wait when hunting these creatures so intense focus and tremendous patience are crucial.

Ontario welcomes non-resident hunters of black bears warmly. However, before heading out to hunt black bears there are things you need to know. Read on to learn several things you must plan for prior to going on future northern hunting activities.

If you're a non-resident, you'll likely need to hire a guide, an MNR-licensed air operator or a tourist outfitter. These people provide services tied to bear hunting that non-residents can use. Hounds brought along for the trip should also be licensed. All regulations and licenses based on the Ontario Hunting Regulation Summary ought to be satisfied. Hunters who hunt black bears within season are obligated to don hunter orange garb. The only acceptable reason not to wear such clothing is if they're hunting on tree stands.

The Internet holds a wealth of info regarding black bears. If you're interested in finding outfitters or going on a hunting trip, there are lots of websites to help you out. Pay some of them a visit and get ready for an unforgettable hunting adventure.

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